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defect management system

It is paramount that system downtime onboard yachts is kept to an absolute minimum. Our comprehensive defect management system allows all crew members to quickly report defects they find around the vessel, assign them to the appropriate department/crewmember and track their progress.

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Remote ETO/AVIT service

You may not need a permanent ETO onboard, but constant support is imperative. In todays world your guests and owners expect only the best in terms of connectivity, entertainment and services. With our years of Superyacht and commercial ETO/AVIT experience, we are on hand 24/7 to ensure any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

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Vessel maintenance handbook

We know all too well how frustrating it can be finding manuals, paperwork and history in the heat of equipment failure. Our vessel handbook software keeps all of your equipment specific documentation stored intuitively. We will work together to create the hierarchy you need.

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A wealth of experience on hand 24/7...

  • - Owner/Guest demands
  • - Engineers without enough hours in the day
  • - System outage at the worst moment
  • - Time

Regardless of vessel size, the days of not needing ETO's are over. From our experience, at most you could tick 3 out of 4 items above; one you will never find! We are all highly experienced ETO/AVIT's with years of experience on some of the worlds most prolific Superyachts ranging from 50m to 140m+. Motor, Sail, Expedition, Private, Charter... we've seen it all and we can relate with your needs and requirements no matter the size of the vessel or the systems you're running.


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